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Dela owners want to ‘pass on the baton’

By martin booth, Thursday Apr 25, 2019

An Easton cafe and restaurant is up for sale, with its co-owners Lara Lindsay and Mike Orme selling up after just two years.

A new lease for Dela on Mivart Street is being offered at a guide rent of £22,500 per year, plus a premium of £50,000 to purchase the business as a going concern.

Lara said: “Almost two years ago to the day, we took on a tired old warehouse space in need of a lot of love. Following a long summer of grafting we opened the doors to Dela, a space we’re hugely proud of.

“However, nothing ever stands still. It’s been an amazing and rewarding journey, and Mike and I are now looking for a little more time for ourselves and to pursue other projects. We’ve decided to pass on the baton and put the business up for sale.

“The space will still remain open for you to enjoy, but with a couple of new faces running things. Thank you all for making Dela the great place it is.”

Kevin Conibear from leisure property specialists Fleurets added: “The independent restaurant scene in Bristol continues to attract huge attention and we are witnessing strong levels of demand for well configured neighbourhood restaurants.

“The reputation that Mike and Lara have established, the quality of the accommodation and being situated in a sought after area is likely to attract considerable interest.”

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