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Persian and Middle Eastern restaurant to open in Wapping Wharf

By lowie trevena, Friday Aug 7, 2020

After five years of trading at festivals across the country, Persian and Middle Eastern inspired Jigaraki will open a permanent restaurant in Wapping Wharf.

Taking its name from small food stalls found in Iran, Jigaraki hopes to bring a new dining experience to Bristol.

Opening on Friday, August 21, owner Ben Williams and head chef Ben O’Neil, the menu is influenced by Williams’ time in Iran, pairing Middle Eastern influences with a modern style.

“It was hospitality at its purest, no table linens or silver service,” says Williams of his time in Iran.

“It was simply about the food and the people. There was a vibrant atmosphere with an eclectic mix of people popping in and out, all brought together by the delicious food.”

The site in the CARGO area of Wapping Wharf will be headed by O’Neil, who is returning to his home city after ten years working in gastropubs across the UK.

The menu will be “simple and memorable”, with a focus on ethically sourced, quality produce.

Expect a range of grilled and slow cooked meats packed with fragrant spices, alongside a selection of vegetarian and vegan offerings, with dishes including chargrilled saffron chicken and ghormeh sabzi and fesenjan, types of Middle Eastern stews.

Located in one of CARGO’s converted shipping containers, Williams adds “I couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to open amongst so many great independent businesses in such an amazing location.”

Jigaraki will open in the CARGO area of Wapping Wharf. Photo: Jon Craig

“We will of course be putting customers first with safety being paramount, delivering above any minimum government requirements for Covid-19 safety,” Williams says.

“The festival season disappeared almost overnight this year, but you can’t keep a good thing down for long. We hope you will join us as a new door opens for Jigaraki and allow us to re-jig your taste buds.”

Main photo: Jigaraki

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