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New cider to be made with apples gathered from Bristol gardens

By bristol247, Monday Oct 12, 2020

If you have surplus apples in your garden, you can bring them to Riverside Garden Centre so they can be put to good use.

A West Country cider maker specialising in creating drinks using fruit from local orchards will turn them into either 100 per cent natural pressed apple juice or a Bristol blend of cider made only with the city’s apples.

Anyone donating apples will get a choice of free apple juice or cider as a thank you.

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The scheme is a collaboration between the Southville garden centre and The Cotswold Fruit Company, behind Bushel & Peck cider and perry.

The project was trialled successfully last year when half a dozen households and one community orchard donated apples weighing nearly half a tonne.

This year the team are hoping to put even more of Bristol’s fruit to productive, local and sustainable use.


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Cotswold Fruit Company director, David Lindgren, said: “Bristol is a city that understands cider, so the idea of using surplus local apples to make Bristolian cider seems right.

“And this year’s crop appears be a good one, so there may be a lot of people wondering what to do with their spare apples. If so, we have a solution.

“The small batches of Bristol apple juice and cider we made last year were much appreciated, so we’re hoping we can go further this year.”

How it works:

  • Collect 15kg sacks from Riverside Garden Centre as well as address cards.
  • Pick apples when they are ripe (the pips are black or dark brown). Please only use good quality fruit.
  • Leave the filled sacks and address cards at Riverside on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.
  • Your free juice will be left at Riverside once the apples have been milled and pressed, within a week or two; the Bristol blend of cider will be ready next spring.
  • Depending on how juicy the apples are, you will receive one 750ml bottle of apple juice (or the equivalent volume of cider) for every 8kgs of apples you donate.
  • The minimal apple donation required is 8kgs. Fruit is collected weekly throughout the apple harvest season into late November.

Main photo: The Cotswold Fruit Company

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