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Bristol restaurant serves customer cheese still in Asda packaging

By bristol247, Saturday Apr 7, 2018

Two out of five seems to be a rather generous TripAdvisor score for a meal at a Bristol restaurant which included a Camembert served still in its Asda own brand packaging.

At Asda in Bedminster, the cheese costs just over a quid; in Severnshed on The Grove just over 500m away as the crow flies, oven-baked Camembert with rosemary, caramelised red onion and rustic bread costs £12.95.

“cannot get over the fact that my £13 sharing starter was even served in its £1.15 Asda original container ffs,” wrote Emma Daniels on Twitter.

Daniels took to reviews website TripAdvisor to voice more of her frustrations.

“When we go out to eat we realise you pay for more than just the ingredients, you pay for atmosphere, staff, cooking etc etc. What I didn’t expect was to order a sharing starter of camembert and to be served Asda’s own brand camembert in the original packaging!! Even when I cook it at home I cook it in a terracotta dish!!

“From there my expectations sunk and weren’t lifted — the mains were bland and we felt we could have cooked better at home.

“Cocktails were tasty and nicely presented and were the only good thing of our visit.

“Service charge is added sneakily on your bill so you don’t really notice –i certainly didn’t and wish I had as the service after our mains were delivered was practically non existent.

“I didn’t notice the service charge as I was reeling at being charged £13 for Asda’s £1.15 camembert.

“Got given a loyalty card at the end…i don’t think so”

Banksy put on his first solo exhibition at Severnshed in 2000

In response, Severnshed general manager Ashley Kirwan said: “Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today regarding your visit and the mistake with your starter. Once again I am sorry about your poor experience and as discussed I look forward to having you back in the restaurant at some point in the future and restoring your faith in our business.”

A Camembert sharing plate for two costs £12.95 at Severnshed

When Bristol24/7 contacted Severnshed, Kirwan said: “The situation has now been resolved with the guest.”

The manager, who has only been in his post for a week, did not respond to further questions about how he dealt with the kitchen staff who served Daniels her Asda cheese.

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