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Introducing HUBB Records

By will humphrey, Friday Oct 2, 2020

The HUBB Records team consists of ten dedicated individuals that are focused on creating a platform for rising BIMM talent to showcase their musical offerings to Bristol and the rest of the UK. Founded by former BIMM students and graduates, the team started the label with a common shared goal of helping new artists and bands to meet their full potential. HUBB Records also seeks to provide rising talent with valuable insight into how music labels operate and experience the other side of the industry.

The insight and support are spread across the label into different sectors with specialisms in PR, A&R, content creation, digital marketing and label management. The team can regularly draw on these diverse specialisms to help the variety of talent within Bristol’s BIMM colleges to “hit the ground running in the music industry” once they have graduated.

During the summer, HUBB Records began work on their third volume that is stacked from start to finish with an array of fantastic local talent. The featuring artists are a prime example of the diversity within Bristol’s musical heritage and expansive offering to individuals with varied and niche tastes. Keep your eyes peeled for the next couple of months as most of the artists on their roster have a few tunes up their sleeves.

The latest installment from HUBB Records, aptly titled VOL III will take their label to the next level with an eclectic selection of assorted rising talent from Bristol’s BIMM community. The new volume consists of ten singles from up and coming artists that are crafting their paths in a diverse range of musical genres.

Miss Kill are a grunge-garage duo formed by sisters Alannah and Felicity Jackson with a distinct focus on crafting “their disruptive, bedroom rock sound during 3 AM practice sessions.” Kite Thief also feature on the volume, and they are a collection of alt-rock enthusiasts with a passion for creating singles that feature heavy-soaked riffs, inviting choruses and unapologetic prog metal influences.

Folk is a prominent genre in the volume with the likes of Selke bringing a seamless blend of graceful heartwarming vocals and gentle instrumentalist; Scarlett Loran conveys a complimentary recipe of a vocal openness and personalised songwriting ability in her single addition. The third folk inclusion is Jodie Mellor and Charlie Tyrell Smith that are “a new-found duo that is sure to satisfy acoustic pop cravings” that you may be searching for as we head into the autumnal season.

For all you electronic fanatics out there, you will be pleased to hear the volume has a little something for you too.  Sonic Rain is a man of many talents and creates a sound that seeks to encompass his classical piano upbringing and his current expertise in house, drum & bass and DJing.   A Little Sound adopts a similar approach as she combines expressive RnB vocals with an unremorseful, poignant lyricism that features prominently on her DnB / jungle records.

Olivia Rose is a different kind offering, as she has carved out a distinctive alt-pop sound by blurring the lines between RnB and hip-hop alongside her ability to write with lyrical freedom.  Try Me aren’t afraid of fusing genres themselves with their music bringing an authentic feel-good vibe that is brimming with old-school disco, head-bopping funk & early punk influences.

Reece Bluck is an impressive addition to the volume roaster as he can showcase his effortless multi-instrumental talent alongside. He has the creative ability to experiment with his lyricism to add something new to the established RnB scene.   The Malarkey is an alt-indie collective that offers an “impressive rough and ready approach” to their craft that gives the nod to previous indie greats alongside a healthy dose of their own interpretation indie-rock.

The latest HUBB Records collection includes a diverse range of bespoke singles and promising talent that can and will cater to your musical interests.

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