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Creative lockdown: We All Live Together

By amy grace, Friday Aug 14, 2020

We All Live Together are part of the ongoing Bristol24/7 Creative Lockdown series, showcasing how people in Bristol have been getting arty under lockdown.

Experiencing lockdown whilst living with other creatives can sometimes result in wonderful things being produced. What happens when you’re in lockdown with a house of four musicians, a filmmaker and a sound engineer?

Teaming up to create their own take on lockdown live sessions, We All Live Together (WALT) have been reworking pre-existing material from their own musical projects.

When they’re not busy making noise as a collective, you can find them tied to various musical projects. Together they make up members of Cloudshoes, (Conrad Singh), Toddler, Soma Soma (Stevie Jo and Danny Wallington) and Tezeta (Daniel Inzani) to name a few. Their diverse musical backgrounds ensure that something different will be brought to the table each time.

Speaking on the project, Stevie Jo Dooley explains that “during our time out from gigging we decided to start learning each other’s material and making films of these performances. We’ve really noticed the progress of each new video we create and have loved how different the band sounds in each video, despite it being the same set of musicians.”

WALT have currently released two videos, the first being a Cloudshoes song which features all of the musical members of the household. The second is a song from Toddler, a reworked version of the luscious ‘Queen Bee’.

Elaborating on the project, Stevie Jo explains that “the project has given us a great sense of purpose in a fairly unstable time and hopefully has brought a portion of live music joy to our viewers. We’d love to keep investing time into it, though as professional creatives there are obviously limits to the amount of unpaid work we can validate doing.  We’re therefore asking around for any funding opportunities that may be able to support the continuation of this virtual live music series.Looking forward, we’d love to continue releasing more content, potentially with a view to featuring other Bristol based performers in a similar format.”

If you’re a musician, noise maker or looking at supporting WALT, please contact with any queries.

You can find more WALT sessions by visiting:

Main photo supplied by Stevie Jo Dooley

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