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Boca45 to release new single with Hannah Williams

By amy grace, Tuesday Jan 14, 2020

It’s not everyday you get two massive names from the music biz in Bristol to collaborate, in this case it’s DJ Boca45 and soul songstress Hannah Williams. This latest single marks the beginning of his Donut series which will see an exclusive number of vinyl singles to be released throughout the year.

Boca45’s latest project will include vinyl releases

There are only 300 up for grabs, the first to be pressed is the aptly titled ‘Powerful’ which will be released on pink vinyl. Co-written by Hannah Williams, the song comes straight out of the gates with a catchy piano lick, the percussion breaks through and adds a soulful aspect to the song. Beefy horn sections which are ultimate groove ridden make way for Hannah’s ferocious vocal performance.

‘Powerful’ will be released on 1 February.

Keep up to date with Boca45’s releases and his Donut project here:

Image from Tim Schnetgoeke

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