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Box Office Chart: July 5-7 2019

By robin askew, Wednesday Jul 10, 2019

1. Spider-Man: Far From Home £14,148,624 (new release)

2. Toy Story 4 £5,543,052 (£36,039,107, 3 weeks)

3. Yesterday £1,628,468 (£5,620,084, 2 weeks)

4. Westlife: The Twenty Tour Live £899,488 (new release)

5. Midsommar £812,052 (new release)

6. The Queen’s Corgi £520,540 (new release)

7. Aladdin £435,750 (£34,643,748, 7 weeks)

8. Secret Cinema: Casino Royale £352,245 (£2,460,698, 5 weeks)

9. Anna £198,391 (new release)

10. Rocketman £161,448 (£22,577,956, 7 weeks)

Chart copyright Comscore

If you’re tired of the endless parade of superheroes, consider yourself in a minority. The number-crunchers report that the umpteenth Spider-Man flick enjoyed the second-highest opening of the year (including previews), behind Avengers: Endgame. Comparisons with previous entries in the seemingly inexhaustible franchise are tricky because they’ve enjoyed different release patterns. But the expectation is that Far From Home stands a good chance of beating current record-holder Spider-Man 2‘s £33.6m total. Toy Story 4 continues to hold up well, having taken £36m in just three weeks. That means it’s already overtaken Aladdin‘s seven-week total, with The Queen’s Corgi mopping up those remaining kiddie pounds until The Lion King turns up. The success of Westlife’s live concert broadcast underlines the increasing popularity of event cinema, though the aging boy band didn’t trouble the record held by Andre Rieu. Well-received folk horror Midsommar is doing pretty well among arthouse and multiplex audiences alike. Alas, its length and 18 certificate mean overall takings are behind those of Ari Aster’s previous film, Hereditary.


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