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A diary of young lives in lockdown

By lowie trevena, Friday Jul 31, 2020

A short film by Rife Magazine explores how young people in the city experienced the coronavirus lockdown.

Sharing their daily lives and reflections on life during lockdown via video, and edited together by Keziah Wenham-Kenyon, a content creator at the Watershed-based publication.

Editing the clips into a four-and-half-minute-long film, Lockdown Diaries was made entirely by people aged under 25.

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“The responses we received completely blew us away, not just in terms of quality, but the sheer range of ideas and responses which embodied this unique period of time,” says Keziah.

“It showed, despite the difficulties we have all faced in recent months, that something positive and creative can rise from it and this collaborative film we’ve all created embodies that idea.”

The short film uses footage from 18 young people living in Bristol, all of which was filmed in the first month of lockdown.

The film explores the pandemic, and the subsequent Government lockdown through the eyes of Bristol’s young people, touching on themes such as work, fears of societal breakdown, mental health and inequality.

Rife has been active throughout the coronavirus pandemic, documenting not only the virus’ impact on the city’s young people, but everything from the Black Lives Matter movement, mental health, lockdown TV, pop culture and activism.

“With all the anxieties and fears that came with the pandemic it would have been easy to become lethargic and close off from the world,” says Keziah, who also composed the film’s music.

“Seeing how purposeful people were still being with their days was inspiring and is testament to our ability to keep pushing through difficult times.

“If people take anything away from this film it would be the lesson in finding purpose even when life gets a bit mad. The ability to see challenge as an opportunity is a life lesson that I hope this film embodied in some way.

Keziah Wenham-Kenyon edited the piece and composed all the music. Photo: Keziah Wenham-Kenyon

“Another important aspect of films like this lies in the feeling of community,” adds Keziah. “The pandemic forced us inwards and for many people it cut them off from their community. A project like this is all about collaborating to create something unified and can involve a big mix up of people.”

Lockdown Diaries is just one part of Rife’s work during the pandemic, but it paints a positive picture of youth movements and the power of Bristol’s young people.

Main photo: Rife

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