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‘Cockhunting’ cabinet maker turns hobby into art project

By martin booth, Tuesday Nov 17, 2020

Max Bridges says that once you start looking for genitalia scribbled in various shapes and sizes on walls and other surfaces across Bristol, “they are absolutely everywhere!”

The cabinetmaker from Easton admits that his hobby of ‘cockhunting’ is probably a mild form of midlife crisis.

He often heads off to different parts of Bristol early in the morning, riding his bike slowly up and down any street, alley or pathway he locates while scanning walls for anything penis-based.

His partner and two children are very understanding about the hobby, with his children receiving £1 for each genuine find.

“I’m attracted to the art form of cock’n’balls over street art because I’m very childish and I’m fascinated with why people (mostly men, but a surprising amount of women) feel the need to draw knobs on everything,” says 40-year-old Max.

“It also gets me out the house. Once you start looking for them they are absolutely everywhere!

“I’m also interested by the huge variation of forms and styles. After a few years of hunting I am now definitely a cock connoisseur and I’m quite picky on what new ones make my collection.”

A classic cock’n’balls in St George Park – photo: Max Bridges

This miscellany of members will be brought together in a new book that Max has so far crowdfunded more than £1,400 on Kickstarter to get published in time for Christmas.

The 144-page book, With Knobs On, is believed to be a world-first on the subject. Ninety per cent of the peckers were found in Bristol, with the selection of shafts showcased in full colour.

“I feel a cock’n’balls is a joyous thing that will mostly make people chuckle, and god knows we need a bit of that at the moment,” says Mark.

“The book is meant to make people laugh, but some of the knobs are actually rather good, and my photos aren’t half bad even if I say so myself.

“My exhibition in the Tate is a little way off, but hopefully my book will help to elevate the artform some way.”

Main photo: Max Bridges

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