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New sculpture by Luke Jerram unveiled at St George’s

By bristol247, Tuesday Nov 27, 2018

The latest work from an artist who has created a water slide on Park Street, put pianos across the city and made a giant moon is a sculpture adorning the new foyer of a prestigious Bristol concert hall.

Dangling from the ceiling of the £6.3m extension at St George’s, Apollo by Luke Jerram is named after the Greek god of music.

The sculpture’s design was inspired by a sound wave taken from 2nd Etude, composed by Philip Glass and performed by him at St George’s in 2013.

Not just a beautiful addition to the new cafe, bar and performance area, Apollo also helped raise £500,000 towards the total fundraising target for the extension, with each hand-blown glass section sponsored by individuals and corporate donors.

Jerram said: “It’s been an amazing opportunity to create Apollo for St George’s. I can’t wait to see how it looks at different times of day, as the season changes.”

St George’s chief executive Suzanne Rolt commented: “With the arrival of Apollo, our new building feels complete.

“It symbolises our commitment to extraordinary musical encounters at St George’s and it’s an object of great beauty in its own right that illuminates the space around it.”

The sculpture hangs from the ceiling, is 3.65 metres long, weighs 310 kilogrammes, and comprises 80 roundels of different sizes and colours – photo by Evan Dawson

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