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Banana sculpture installed in Castle Park

By martin booth, Wednesday Nov 18, 2020

Where there was once a pineapple, a cactus and a mermaid, there is now a giant banana.

Bristol artist Duncan Mckellar says that his new installation “represents vitality, international trade and wealth which is appropriate considering its location in front of an old bank vault during a pandemic”.

The latest work from McKellar made from yellow scaffolding tubes can be found in the corner of Castle Park in front of the former Norwich Union building.

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Also responsible for a Kinder Surprise mountain seemingly erupting from College Green in 2015, McKellar aims to bring intrigue and add smiles through his unconventional form of street art.


“Through installing work in this location over the years, I’ve learned about the true social value of public art,” McKellar told Bristol24/7.

“I really feel that this piece will add value to people’s lives during these tricky times.”

Main photo and video by Martin Booth

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