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Venturefest 2017 forecasts the future of our cities

By aphra evans, Friday Sep 22, 2017

How can data prevent traffic and pollution? What on earth is CivTech? And what the hell happens if our kettles are hackable?

All these questions (except the kettle one) and more are on the agenda on Tuesday, October 17, when public and private sector organisations will descend on the Watershed to explore how emerging technologies could make our cities more connected, dynamic and intelligent.

Venturefest 2017 is the culmination of eight months of events with lively debates on hot tech topics from artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud, to communication networks, robotics and cybersecurity.

The series, which began in February of this year, has also explored the social implications and the legal and regulatory frameworks of these technologies, with key areas of focus spanning homes, transport, work and health. Previous events have broached questions such as who is responsible if a driverless vehicle crashes, and the ethics of AI and robotics.

The finale on October 17 will feature speakers from businesses like Esoterix, a company that might yet solve our bus woes by using data modelling to find more efficient public transport routes, and Red Ninja, which among other things is helping older people get online.

Tim Bowles, West of England metro mayor, will discuss the region’s role in developing smart cities, and Kevin Baughan, Deputy Chief Executive of Innovate UK, the government body for accelerating economic growth, will talk about empowering innovation.

Tickets for the all-day event are free and available by registering at

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Photo credit: Jon Craig

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