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Co-working space opens above pub in St Nick’s

By lowie trevena, Friday Nov 6, 2020

A co-working space has opened above one of Bristol’s oldest pubs.

Distil is located on the first floor of the Rummer in St Nick’s Market and offers hot desking for individuals and businesses.

The space opened in August 2020 and will remain open during the UK’s second lockdown for anyone needing a space outside the home to work.

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The co-working space offers members fast internet and 14 desks to choose from, as well as complimentary fruit, tea and coffee, inclusive bar drinks and an open fire. Prices at Distil start at £70 for 30 hours per month to £280 each month to hire a dedicated desk for unlimited use.

Members can pay extra for a PO box and a BS1 address.

Distil opened in August 2020

As well as co-working space above the Rummer, the pub is offering hot desking from £5 for half a day, up to £80 for limitless use.

“Pubs in the UK have recently been experimenting with offering hot desks during the daytime, Distil Co-working takes this a step further, utilising under-used space in the building to provide a high quality, stylish co-working experience,” explains Sam Cunningham of Distil.

“Distil Co-working is a separate business with a dedicated space offering some of the most stylish co-working in the city, collaborating with the Rummer pub and cocktail bar to offer affordable hot desks in the bar area and inclusive drinks as part of membership packages.”

The space is located above the Rummer pub

Views over St Nick’s Market

The bar is currently closed but the co-working space remains open, with members of the Ernest Journal and Tamden Talent using the new, Covid-19 safe space.

All photos: Distil

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