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Bristol Energy Cooperative launch new share offer

By bristol247, Thursday Oct 8, 2020

For anyone interested in investing in clean energy to benefit the community the Bristol Energy Cooperative’s (BEC) latest share offer is well worth considering. Not to be confused with Bristol Energy (the recently sold utility company) BEC has spent the last ten years installing community-owned renewable energy projects across the city.

Bristol Energy Cooperative’s newly launched £2m share-offer will fund clean energy projects in Bristol. Bristolians can invest for as little as £100 and help Bristol build back better. This share offer is open until 30th October. It aims to help Bristol build back better by putting new clean energy projects into the hands of the community.

Bristol Energy Cooperative’s impressive solar farm in Lawrence Weston

Bristolians who buy shares in BEC can help fund local renewable energy projects, support their communities and earn a projected 3.5% return on their investment. This animation explains how BEC share offers work: BEC Shares

Bristol Energy Cooperative have a strong track record of delivering successful projects. Their previous share offers have raised over £12 million, channeled £250,000 into the local community and established 16 community-owned renewable projects. These produce enough clean energy to power the equivalent of over 3,000 homes.

The funds they hope to raise through the new share offer will be allocated to a number of projects including rooftop solar installations and battery storage for a local micro-grid scheme. The majority of the funds raised have been earmarked for the Bristol Community Hydro Scheme, an innovative project at Netham Weir, in the heart of Bristol. The scheme already has planning permission and an Environment Agency licence and will generate enough clean energy to power 250 typical homes each year.

Netham Weir is where BEC funds will be used to develop the Bristol Community Hydro Scheme

Vicky Wakefield-Jarrett, a co-worker at BEC said: ‘Our mission is to invest in renewables, cut carbon, and build community. You can invest in BEC with as little as £100. We hope you’ll join us to help drive a green recovery for Bristol.’

To find out more about investing with Bristol Energy Coop go to:

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