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Six things that living in Bristol will teach you

By louise knight, Monday Oct 22, 2018

After being voted the Best Place to Live in the UK in 2017, it’s no secret as to why thousands of students flock to Bristol every year and set up home. It’s cultured, it’s vibrant, and it’s completely unique. So if you’re new to the city and taking up residence, here are some things that you will discover all too quickly:

Your legs will become rock solid
Vale Street, Park Street, the list goes on. Pretty much everywhere in Bristol is somehow uphill, and although walking or cycling up and down these streets is almost always tough and gruelling, your body will thank you for it. After all – no pain no gain.

However many types of cider you think there are, triple it… and triple it again
There are few things that Bristolians love more than a pint of West Country champagne, and there’s so many to choose from. And if you don’t like cider, you’re probably still to discover the right one.

You’ll never have to choose between the city or the countryside, because we have both
One of the many beauties of Bristol is its diverse range of scenery and terrain. Whether you prefer a rural or urban setting, Bristol caters to all. With beaches, hills and gorges all within reach of the centre, you really can have everything and more.

Boats aren’t just for sailing
If you thought boats were only meant for relaxing cruises along the water, you were wrong. In Bristol, boats are also bars, museums and nightclubs. Talk about making use of the space.

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You’ll take new phrases home with you
Bristol has peculiar words and phrases that you just wouldn’t hear anywhere else, and as much as you try to fight it, you’ll ultimately end up describing something as ‘gert lush’, and saying ‘cheers drive’ as you get off the bus.

Graffiti isn’t vandalism, it’s art
As the home of Banksy, Bristol is proud of its artistic heritage, and it clearly shows. The streets are full of detailed and colourful art pieces to be marvelled at, and Stokes Croft is only the beginning.

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