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How do BT mobile signal boosters work?

By Advertising Feature, Tuesday Nov 28, 2023

More people are using mobile devices than ever: that is an obvious fact. With this stream, we automatically experience the tech growing alongside the demand for mobile devices improvement solutions. For example, a signal booster is a technology that ensures we can make proper and uninterrupted calls.

Additionally, they also play a crucial part in proper internet connection according to UCtel. And BT mobile signal booster can manage the role effectively, especially when we speak about British Telecommunications. Let’s look into details why such boosters are important and, ultimately, see how they work.

Significance of BT signal boosters
To properly acquaint ourselves with the technical aspects of how the BT signal boosters function, let’s try to understand their significance. A boosting service aims at effectively improving the intensity of a mobile signal. They take a weak signal and drastically improve it ensuring mobile owners have a good user experience.

Various BT signal boosters are used in the UK. They are basically used to enhance different types of network technologies, from 2G to 5G. Here’s why getting a good BT signal boosters would be on your list.

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1. You are having connection issues
Due to the distance from your nearest cell tower, sometimes, users may experience signal lagging. The best solution to this is to opt for a booster, which is a better option than adjusting your position anytime you experience issues.

2. Your current surroundings
Along with the distance to towers, one can also point to the area in question of a topography. This mainly refers to mountains, hills, as well as foliage that act as natural hindrances of signal. While boosters won’t completely reverse the effects of these barriers, they will boost whatever signal is allowed through.

It’s worth noting that man-made features also have the same effect. So, always be aware of any tall structures around.

3. Your living conditions affect signal propagation
Man-made obstacles can cause signal dampening properties. A common issue of this lies in the thickness of a house’s walls. The thicker the walls the more likely you will experience signal problems. In fact, particular substances can be singled out as being particular causes. Some of the most common include the following:

Concrete and thick glasses
Steel and metal constructions
All substances used as insulation
4. Too many people using the network at once
This is simply referred to as network congestion and it heavily slows down Internet speeds and allows for more frequent dropped calls. The BT mobile signal booster itself won’t fix this issue. However, as somewhat of a preventative measure, they strengthen the signal and lessen the impact of this issue.

The slowing down of the network can also be an intentional act by the network provider and boosters can’t solve this issue. If there’s no signal to work with, nothing can be done outside of waiting for the network providers to address all issues.

5. Weather interference
Another common reason for poor connection is bad weather. cloudy days and generally poor atmospheric conditions lead to the poor propagation of mobile signals.

A BT signal booster enables you to bypass all the aforementioned obstacles. Taking your experience to another level. So, how do they make this possible?

How it works
The average setup consists of a simple system. In this ecosystem, mobile signals are relayed from place to place by three important parts. Let’s look at each of the below:

1. External antenna
This part of the booster is placed on the roof of the place in question or any safe high point. Its role within the ecosystem is to gather the available signal in the area, however weak. This signal is then sent to the amplifier via coaxial cable to ensure that very little is lost.

2. Amplifier
The amplifier is really where most of the work takes place, as it is here that the signal is strengthened. In addition to this, any interference that may cause distortion is cleaned up to ensure that the internal antenna broadcasts the ideal signal.

3. Internal antenna
The final piece of the apparatus, as alluded to, is placed inside and is responsible for broadcasting to the rest of the designated area, the signal transmitted to it from the amplifier. In situations where network congestion is a problem in such spaces, more than one antenna can be used.

This three-component mode of operations means that boosters are incredibly malleable and can fit into any configuration from hospitals and warehouses, to residential and commercial buildings. Even cars can have boosters fitted into them.

Another potential cause and fix
One cause of bad signal that some may overlook is the nature of a device, specifically as it pertains to its compatibility with the tower. Essentially, if a device is 3g, it cannot be expected to access the 5g network.

As such, there isn’t much that can be done outside of replacing your device with one that is compatible. It’s also possible that you may just need to restart your phone or change its settings to best fit the network.

Finding the right help
Everything we’ve discussed up to this point has been great, but if no quality booster or installer is available, it doesn’t matter. As such, the right professionals have to be found, which means sifting through them to find certain characteristics. Some of these include the following:

A good reputation with verifiable work and bunch of feedback
The ability to work with multiple types of boosters between 3g and 5g
Possession of the right tools and equipment needed
The ability to provide aid as well as advice before, during and after the installation

It is also crucial to mention that BT group dominates in the UK telecommunication niche and it is fixed properly in its market share at almost 34 percent of all subscribers in 2021. Actually, since 2007, BT has expanded its market by nearly 7 percent. So now it is the most widely used provider in the UK with a user share of 22 percent. Having well over a third of the market share of the telecommunications industry, you can imagine that mobile customers experiencing bad signals are more than happy about the presence of boosters and proper providers.

Final thoughts
As the above has shown, many things can be pointed to as the cause of signal interference, but a BT mobile signal booster tailored to fit one’s space is beyond helpful. This is only achieved when quality, professional technicians and installers are there to guide you through the process. Because of this, you have to find the people to get the best results. Fortunately, the above will also help you with that!

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