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7 ways to stay happy as you age

By alex diggins, Saturday Oct 6, 2018

Choose your beliefs

We all face losses and sadness as we age. To stay happy, we have to continually choose to believe positives about ourselves, others and the world in general. Notice your thoughts and feelings and pick up on the positives.

Talk to your fear

Ageing can create a space where habitual fears come up. Face your fears and ask them what they are trying to protect you from. Our fears can give useful advice when listened to.

Create happy habits

Habits help you make positive changes. Book a regular time in your day to express gratitude, bring humour into your daily life, get into nature and be active.

Treat problems as an adventure

Treat difficulties the same way you’d prepare for an adventure holiday: gather maps and other information, look for a guide, and be interested by each new challenge

Explore Elderhood

It was the elders’ role to guide the tribe in a crisis, to dream dreams, uphold values, mentor the young and speak truths as they saw it. Embrace this role in the lives of your loved ones.

Cultivate your values

Being conscious of your values, choosing to live by them and voice them more deliberately, enhances your integrity and self-respect.

Cultivate your people skills

Studies show that our ability to express, hear and work with feelings is far more beneficial to our personal and work life than our intellect or brain power.

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