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Pure Electric smashes its £1m crowdfunding campaign

By Rachel Sutherland, Wednesday Oct 19, 2022

Pure Electric‘s headquarters, located next to Bristol’s harbour, are run entirely on 100 per cent renewable energy.

This is just one of the ways the e-scooter company is striving to create a cleaner world through electric travel.

To help support its vision, Pure Electric launched its first-ever crowdfunding campaign with Crowdcube this morning.

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The e-scooter company has smashed its £1m target and has raised almost £1.5m privately as part of its opportunity, which is available for a limited time only, for people to invest in its mission for a greener future.

Pure-Electric e-scooter company launches a crowdfunding campaign. Photo credits - Pure Electric

Pure Electric is now offering the opportunity to invest in its mission for a greener future. Photo credits – Pure Electric

The Bristol-based company hopes the investments will help it capitalise on its growth across France, Belgium and Spain, along with supporting the creation of innovative, new products.

By putting in as little as £10, investors can help further drive the pan-European business forward and gain access to exclusive shareholder rewards.

The market-leading manufacturer of the British-designed and engineered electric scooters was set up by Adam Norris, father and manager of Formula One driver, Lando Norris, and former founding director of Hargreaves Lansdown Pensions Direct.

Adam Norris created Pure Electric to combat the growing problem of congested cities, air-polluted urban environments and the escalation of greenhouse gases emitted by traditional transport systems and cars.

Adam Norris, CEO and founder at Pure Electric, said: “I started Pure Electric to provide a solution to the escalating environmental issues caused by traditional transport systems.

“Our ground-breaking technology, designed by our world-class team, is now providing greener, safer, and more affordable transport.

“As we continue to scale our business and discover more ways that e-scooters can transform society, I passionately believe that this is a phenomenal opportunity and I’m delighted to invite like-minded investors to be part of our mission.”

Pure Electric’s decision to crowdfund follows the launch of its latest line of e-scooters – revealed at an exclusive event in Paris on October 5.

All photos: Pure Electric

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