News: Watershed to co-host No Boundaries 2015

Bristol24/7, March 10, 2015

No Boundaries is the industry conference for the arts, museums and libraries sectors, with a focus on presenting questions and challenging new ideas on the role of arts and culture, finding positive approaches to influence change and supporting the sector’s growth in a world of unknowns.

This year’s conference (September 29-30) takes place jointly at Watershed, Bristol and HOME, Manchester. Delegates can attend at either location, with each venue providing a unique experience and a live link to broadcast talks between both spaces and onto the web. Access is prioritised so that all can take part.

The aim is that working over two locations will reduce travel times and cost, enabling a diverse range of delegates from all areas of the industry to attend.

The two-day format allows time for informal discussion and networking around the formal contributor sessions. It will provide an opportunity for delegates to hear from an array of national and international contributors but also to join in with a range of playful interventions, to self-organise discussions in whatever format works best, and to feed ideas back into the conference.

Supported jointly by Arts Council England and the British Council, No Boundaries is programmed by State of the Arts, an Arts Council programme of activity that encourages thought leadership in the arts and cultural sector, providing platforms to develop new ideas in response to political, social and economic developments in the world.

Sir Peter Bazalgette, Chair, Arts Council England said: “Last year’s conference was a huge success and we look forward to a similar meeting of minds in September – something which will be even more important given that by then we will have had a general election and a spending review, so the arts and culture landscape may have changed. The State of the Arts events are great platforms to encourage creative thinking and to stimulate debate.”

Programme details and contributors will be unveiled over the coming months.

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