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New mural at We The Curious explores climate change

By martin booth, Friday Nov 2, 2018

The causes, consequences and solutions to climate change, and its impact on cities, are the themes of a new mural that has been painted next to the front door of We The Curious.

Bristol artist Anna Higgie was commissioned to paint the piece and worked with scientists from the University of Bristol’s Cabot Institute to learn more about their interdisciplinary research into climate change.

Higgie, who illustrates the monthly Breakfast With Bristol24/7 interviews, said that she wanted the image to have a bold design to draw people towards it from far away, and for it to contain lots of interesting and thought-provoking detail to explore when they got close up to it.

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Bristol artist Anna Higgie worked with scientists from the University of Bristol’s Cabot Institute before painting her piece

“I wanted it to have a provocative aspect but be hopeful and positive, offering solutions and inspiration for people to make a change for the better,” Anna said.

“I also wanted to use a bright beautiful palette of colours in order to brighten the space and feel joyful and fun.”

Anna added: “I would like people to look at it and ask questions; I would like it to provoke conversation. The main thing I would like is that people might take ideas from it about what they can do – as individuals and as communities – to make a change.

“Small changes may seem insignificant when you think about the global problems we face, but if everyone started making small, positive changes to their lifestyle, such as driving less, or eating less red meat, it could lead to a huge change for the better.

“At the very least, if people started living more sustainably then at least our home here in Bristol would be less polluted and would be a cleaner, healthier place for us to live.”

Anna Higgie painting We The Curious mural

We The Curious commissioned this artwork as part of their mission to promote sustainable futures for all.

Committed to reducing their own environmental impact, WeThe Curious are striving to reduce CO2 emissions in their daily operations such as switching their energy supply to 100 per cent renewable electricity with Bristol Energy; installing a solar array on their roof which is larger than two tennis courts; heating and cooling their building in a more energy efficient way with an intelligent building system that can store and ‘recycle’ hot and cold; and converting lighting to LEDs across their site.

What you can do to reduce CO2 emissions?

  • Turn the thermostat on your heating down by one degree – and put on a jumper to stay cosy
  • Try having at least one day a week without eating any red meat
  • When it’s laundry time, wash your clothes on a colder setting and hang-dry them, rather than using a tumble-drier
  • Use public transport, walk or cycle – enjoy some exercise and give the car a rest

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