News: New floodwall installed in Spike Island

Bristol24/7, June 14, 2016

Chances of scenes like the one witnessed above happening again have been significantly reduced thanks to the installation of a new floodwall on Cumberland Road.

Hundreds of homes and business are now at a lower risk of flooding thanks to the installation of the £800,000 wall which runs between the Bristol Harbour Railway and Vauxhall Bridge and was built as part of the MetroBus scheme in Spike Island.

The 250m-long reinforced concrete wall – jointly funded by Bristol City Council and the Environment Agency – will reduce the tidal flood risk to an estimated 170 homes and businesses around the Floating Harbour.

The £800,000 wall runs between the Bristol Harbour Railway and Vauxhall Bridge

Cabinet member for transport Mark Bradshaw said: “Bristol has one of Britain’s most beautiful and historic ports and with evidence of rising sea levels we must remain vigilant to the risk of tidal flooding to protect the city’s future.

“Our partnership with the Environment Agency and MetroBus project team has provided extra resilience for people to continue to live and work safely in central Bristol.”


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