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Motion makes steps to secure its future

By georgia marsh, Tuesday Feb 11, 2020

Motion bosses are hopeful an agreement reached with developers will help to secure the club’s future.

The St Philip’s venue sits in the centre of the major Temple Quarter regeneration plans, prompting concerns it would be forced to close as residential housing and student accommodation are set to be built in the immediate vicinity.

A new deed of easement, agreed by club bosses and development firm Summix Capital Ltd, has helped allay these fears. The document grants Motion the legal right to continue generating noise at existing levels, while any incoming residents will be made aware of the potential for disturbance. They are also legally protected against any notice that exceeds current levels.


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Motion is not out of the water yet, but the deed of easement is a major step in stabilising the venue’s place in the community.

Motion’s fight for survival has been supported by Bristol City Council cabinet member for planning Nicola Beech and the Bristol @ Night panel, which met on Monday.

In a statement, director Dan Deeks said: “We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the support, including people signing the petition we launched, which has now reached 10,000 signatures. The work will continue to ensure the safeguarding of our venue and cultural space.

“This space brings all people together, from many diverse identities and communities across the UK and world. We thank Summix for their understanding of our culture and our city, their actions are commendable and this would have never been possible without Nicola Beech and the Bristol @ Night panel that took the initiative and took the conversation to Summix. All parties have worked together in a great fashion and delivered something groundbreaking for the city.”

Stuart Black of Summix Capital said: “We are delighted to enter into this agreement with Motion to help ensure its long-term future can be secured. Motion plays a critical role in making the Bristol night-club scene one of the best in the country.

“In bringing forward our proposals for purpose-built student accommodation along Feeder Road, we have worked hard to ensure the venue’s significance and status across the UK is respected.”

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