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Levelling the playing field for young people

By bristol247, Thursday Oct 20, 2016

A new campaign which aims to improve the life chances of 300 young people from inner-city Bristol launches next month.

#Change300Futures from award-winning Bristol-based youth social enterprise Babbasa supports the young people to progress into work, further education or self-employment through a unique development programme of accredited skills training, career-orientated events and a professional mentoring scheme.

Babbasa programme director Poku Osei said: “This campaign is about levelling the playing field for aspiring young people, often disadvantaged by the lack of support for them to capitalise on their skills and opportunities available in the city.

“It is truly exciting to be launching a campaign that allows us to collaborate with both individuals and organisations to make Bristol a city for all.”

Set up in 2010, Babbasa supports young people from disadvantaged communities to pursue their professional aspirations. The organisation has already helped hundreds of young people through their projects and initiatives.

Babbasa needs to raise £84,000 by November 2017 to make the programme successful. To book your ticket for the campaign launch, visit or call 0117 329 0717.


Main photo by Ruby Walker

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