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‘Let’s make dirty streets a thing of the past’

By bristol247, Monday Nov 21, 2016

Bristol should be more like Zurich, Tokyo and Singapore according to mayor Marvin Rees; three cities well-known for their immaculately clean streets.

A Clean Streets campaign launching on Monday aims to address a citywide perception that levels of littering, fly tipping, fly posting and dog fouling have reached an unacceptable level, and that more needs to be done to combat the problem.

The three-year campaign asks individuals, community groups, schools and businesses to take collective responsibility for keeping the streets clean and tidy, and encourages everyone to reuse, repair and recycle more.

“Cleaning up Bristol’s streets is something everyone in the city wants to see happen and I believe we can do this,” said Rees.

Images of some of Bristol’s best known landmarks being dwarfed by a mountain of rubbish have been produced as part of a campaign to crack down on litter and graffiti in the city.

“We should and we can be as clean as cities such as Zurich, Tokyo and Singapore.

“We can achieve this if everyone who lives, works, learns or plays here takes pride in the city and works with us and with those who have the job of keeping the city clean, tidy and working.”

Rees’ own mum is given as an example of a citizen taking pride in their local community. She won an award for a clean-up campaign that she organised in Easton.

People across Bristol are now being asked to report problems to the city council as soon as they see them, and tell the council how they can improve their services and get involved.

The campaign is being delivered in partnership with Bristol Waste Company, who promise to provide guidance, materials and equipment as well as celebrating work being done in neighbourhoods.

To find out more, visit or search #BristolCleanStreets on Twitter


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