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Herb garden opens on the roof of Southmead Hospital

By asa schuman, Tuesday Jul 25, 2017

A herb garden on the roof of Southmead Hospital will provide meals for hospital patients and staff, and help promote recovery.

More than 30 herbs have been planted in the garden on the terrace of the hospital’s Brunel building thanks to funding from Southmead Hospital Charity, Carillion Services and The Hospital Company.

Simon Wood, director of facilities at North Bristol NHS Trust, said: “Whether you are interested in healthier, tastier food for our patients and staff, a restful aromatic retreat supporting staff breaks, or sustainable development and providing a place for nature and wildlife, the herb garden has something for all.”

The herb garden was originally the brainchild of executive chef, Gary Millard, and has been designed and planted by internationally acclaimed herb expert Jekka McVicar.

“I think it’s wonderful that herbs are being used in Southmead’s kitchen for staff and patients,” said Jekka. “The garden also gives staff a space to come and sit and enjoy the bees and aromas.

“It offers an opportunity for a break from the stress of work. And remember, this is on a roof with no irrigation – not the easiest environment for growing but we’re really pleased with how the herbs are thriving.”


Main photo by Barbara Evripidou

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