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Helping Bristol go smoke-free

By bristol247, Monday Jan 6, 2020

It seems counter-intuitive for a company who make almost 90 per cent of their money through selling cigarettes to advocate for a smoke-free future.

But that is exactly what Philip Morris are doing, as the firm behind Marlboro launches a new initiative to help Bristol become the first city in England to go smoke-free.

Philip Morris wants to help encourage smokers either to give up smoking or, if they do not quit, to switch to a smoke-free alternative such as heated tobacco and heated liquid products.


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Philip Morris managing director, Peter Nixon, said that he believes the company can play a vital role in helping Bristol to go smoke-free as they work with businesses and retailers.

He said: “Bristol could genuinely be the first city in England to go smoke-free. We believe our new year commitments can make a real, practical difference in giving smokers the support they need to give up.

“That is why we want to work with local businesses so they can ensure smokers who do not quit have the facts about the smoke-free alternatives now available.”

Iqos shops across Bristol sell Philip Morris’ heated tobacco products

Philip Morris was accused of “staggering hypocrisy” after launching a previous advertising campaign in 2019, with Cancer Research UK saying the firm was just trying to promote its own smoking alternatives, such as heated tobacco.

The latest initiative comes days after the Trump administration in the USA said that it would ban the sale of most flavored e-cigarette cartridges. Menthol and tobacco flavors are being exempted after a lobbying push by the tobacco and vaping industries.

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