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Bristol in top 10 world cities to visit in 2017

By bristol247, Tuesday Jan 3, 2017

Rough Guides has named Bristol as one of the top ten cities in the world to visit in 2017 – alongside the likes of Paris, Antwerp and Nairobi – with our creative and tech industries, nightlife, music scene, street art, and independent magazines all praised.

Bristol is fourth on the list compiled by the leading travel guide, ahead of Atlanta in the USA, Osaka in Japan and Palma in Mallorca.

The recognition comes two months after Bristol was named the fourth most inspiring city in the world.

“Bristol stands as a shining example of one of the UK’s most forward-thinking, innovative and dynamic small cities,” the Rough Guides says of the city.

“An economy once built upon the traffic of rum, tobacco and slaves has ebbed, though the old mansions remain perched high in the hills above the city.

“Today, it’s the creative and tech industries that propel this city towards the future. Retired factories house design-minded craftsmen, independent publishing houses and new wave magazines; nightlife is fuelled by a diverse but first-rate music scene; and the city is adorned with incredible street art (Bristol is the home of famous graffiti artist Banksy after all).

“Yet amid all the hubbub, the appeal of classic landmarks like the tree-lined River Avon and the Clifton Suspension Bridge never wanes, and there are still enough charming old pubs to keep everybody happy.”

Paris topped the list, with Isfahan in Iran second and Nairobi in Kenya third.

Rough Guides top 10 cities 2017

1. Paris, France
2. Isfahan, Iran
3. Nairobi, Kenya
4. Bristol, England
5. Antwerp, Belgium
6. Medellín, Colombia
7. Atlanta, USA
8. Osaka, Japan
9. Guadalajara, Mexico
10. Palma, Mallorca


Main photo by Sichan He

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