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Volunteer puppy socialisers needed in Bristol

By lowie trevena, Wednesday Jul 1, 2020

Volunteers are needed to socialise puppies from eight weeks old, for 12 to 18 months.

Dogs for Good provides highly-trained assistance dogs to people with physical disabilities and families who have a child with autism, and are in “desperate need” of volunteer puppy socialisers.

Ideal for people with a lot of time on their hands, volunteers need help the puppies get used to everyday situations, including going to the supermarket, travelling on public transport and visiting cafes and restaurants.

Volunteers will also need to help puppies get used to traffic, crossing roads and visiting crowded and rural areas.

“Puppy socialisers get a real sense of pride when they see the dog they’ve had from eight weeks going out and giving somebody independence,” says Alice Blazer, who currently oversees 15 puppies in Bristol. “It just makes them really, really proud.

“Many people think giving the puppy up at the end will be hard, but knowing that they have helped to raise and socialise a puppy that will go on to truly transform someone’s life makes it so much easier.”

No prior dog experience is necessary, but volunteers should live within Bristol, have a garden with secure fence, never be away from the puppy for more than two to four hours and have no more than two dogs already.

Main photo: Dogs for Good

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