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The ‘creative rebels’ behind mystery banners in Bristol

By ellie pipe, Tuesday May 5, 2020

A group of self-proclaimed “rebellious and creative elders” are encouraging people to strive for a better world after lockdown restrictions are lifted.

They say we are in a position to make significant choices about how we live in the wake of the global pandemic and have been spreading the message across Bristol.

Banners were strung up in prominent places from Pero’s Bridge on the harbourside to Siston Common bearing the message ‘a better world is possible’.

“The unthinkable has come to pass and we have stopped driving and flying,” says a spokesperson for the group behind the peaceful campaign.

“We have reduced global emissions aand we could be tackling climate change in a much more committed way after lockdown. Climate change will affect us all in the long run and is already affecting millions in more vulnerable places in the world.

“We have shown ourselves that we can take drastic action to save lives. So now as we face a difficult future, we can start to imagine a better world.”

The group are encouraging people to strive for a ‘better world’

The group says now is the time for people across the city to think about what a better world would look like for them, adding: “Now is a good time to be putting solutions, previously unthinkable, on the table and making them mainstream ideas that preserve life across the globe and give young people hope that indeed, a better world is possible.”

Some of the “creative rebels” behind the recent banners

All photos courtesy of Deasy Bamford

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