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Network training women and girls in radio hopes to go global

By lowie trevena, Monday Sep 21, 2020

“We really miss the opportunity to reach out directly with women and girls,” says Miranda Rae, the founder, director and trainer of Sound Women South West Network (SWSWN).

The group trains women and girls in radio, media and podcasting, with an aim to empower women to share their stories, lives and experiences.

The coronavirus pandemic brought a sharp halt to SWSWN’s in person workshops, presentations and teaching and, in response, Miranda has set up a Gofundme.

“When lockdown hit it meant that overnight, we had to cancel all the workshops and training sessions we had planned,” Miranda explains.

“We would be so excited and grateful if this crowdfunder was successful so we can become a permanent fixture and make some serious plans for the next few years.”

Miranda and the SWSWN team quickly adapted to online teaching, training women in from Dubai to Hong Kong, as well as in Europe and across the UK.

Miranda is founder of SWSWN. Photo: Miranda Rae

Money raised through the Gofundme, which has a target of £15,000, will go towards hosting in person and continuing the new online teaching.

“If we can provide free or low-cost training to a variety of women and girls of all ages from all backgrounds, not only can we tempt women to work in industries vastly underrepresented by women from diverse backgrounds but also the opportunity to build confidence, self-worth and empowerment.”

Funds will also be spent on website building and a sound studio equipped with the latest technology.

Funds raised will teach more women and girls media skills. Photo: Miranda Rae

“In the last three years SWSWN have trained and empowered over 1000 women and girls in a range of skills needed to produce and present radio and podcasts to a wide age group,” Miranda, who is a freelance journalist, adds.

“We also teach a wide variety of radio skills in front of and behind the microphone. These kinds of skills are rarely taught, and we have seen how empowering they are.

“Learning skills in radio and media helps build confidence in public speaking, literacy and computer skills which helps in all aspects of life.”

Main photo: Miranda Rae

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