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Celebrating 20 Years of Knowle West charity

By katie button, Friday May 31, 2019

Re:Work in Knowle West has recently celebrated 20 years of work in the community.

Formally known as South Bristol Community Construction Company, the charity launched in 1999  to bring the community together. Since the charities launch, it now has a large presence on Filwood Broadway since moving there in 2001.

Chief executive Vicky Beckwith, who has been with Re:Work for 11 years, says: “We want to fulfil the community’s ambitions – from helping paint their living room to teaching them about solar energy, if someone has a plan we will try our best to help.”

Re:Store on Filwood Broadway where furniture and clothes can be donated and renovated

Since relocating to Filwood Broadway, they have also opened Re:Fill, a cafe in the community centre. They have also launched Re:Grow, a local gardening service, and Re:Store, a shop which renovates donated items and sells them for a low price.

Re:Work also offers long term work experience to young people who struggle to settle into the education system.

“The work experience gives young people valuable life skills,” says Vicky. “It acts as a stepping stone back into the structure of school, we have people as young as 12 join us. We want to encourage practical learning, rather than missing out on learning at school.”

The cafe in the community centre serves freshly prepared meals

To celebrate their recent birthday. the charity invited its customers to a celebratory tea party, to give back to those supporting them.

“We absolutely couldn’t do it without the community support. A regular volunteer Deborah Daniels has been supporting us for 13 years. We can just give her a call for anything, we’d be lost without her,” says Vicky.

“We just want to continue to bring the community together and build great things.”

Find out more about Re:Work at www.reworkltd.org.uk.

Photos courtesy of Katie Button.

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