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13 photos of Bristol on the last day before lockdown

By martin booth, Tuesday Mar 24, 2020

On the last day before a UK-wide lockdown was imposed, photographer Tamás Kovacs took a walk around Bristol.

“I wanted to capture the mixed mood of the city in my photos,” he said.


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Arm in arm down Broad Quay – photo: Tamás Kovacs

Dangling feet over the water outside the Arnolfini – photo: Tamás Kovacs

Imagining what life is like with an allotment – photo: Tamás Kovacs

Give us a song – photo: Tamás Kovacs

Getting the essentials on Cheltenham Road – photo: Tamás Kovacs

“I’m not here to judge anybody for leaving their homes. After all, I went out too. I just couldn’t resist the urge to take photos. This is history after all.”

“It was really sad to see the city like this,” Tamás added. “These are usually the happiest days around here. Not this year though.”

Encroaching shadows on Broad Street – photo: Tamás Kovacs

What would Stokes Croft be without its street art? – photo: Tamás Kovacs

Advice it is wise not to follow today – photo: Tamás Kovacs

Blossom on Cathedral Walk – photo: Tamás Kovacs

Pot calling the kettle black – photo: Tamás Kovacs

No cycling, no rollerskating, no skateboarding – photo: Tamás Kovacs

Brooms: sweeping the nation – photo: Tamás Kovacs

Follow Tamás on Instagram at @tomkov_photo

Main photo by Tamás Kovacs

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