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Painting a brighter future for kids in Bishopston

By will daly, Friday Jul 28, 2017

Moon River Nursery on Logan Road, Bishopston, has just got a whole lot brighter, thanks to a stroke of luck when they won Sudocrem’s Play More competition.

The prize? To have artist Joy Pirkle paint a stunning mural on the nursery wall, to encourage the children to spend more time playing outside.

After working for over 25 years as a portrait artist, Joy has turned her hand to painting murals, with the objective of making a positive difference with children. Having recently painted a huge mural at a doctor’s surgery to combat childhood obesity, Joy is no stranger to using art to make a difference.

After working with children for years, and having three kids of her own, Joy has combined both her artistic ability with her desire to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Her new business venture, Yolovision, aims to promote healthy lifestyles to young people through the messaging in her motivational murals.

Having opened its doors just ten weeks ago, Moon River Nursery has already set an ethos for creative outdoor play, with lots of open-ended play equipment, like building blocks, tubes and boxes, which have been chosen to stimulate creativity.

With the paint on Joy’s mural drying and Moon River’s ethos strongly in place, perhaps this sets a new standard for young people to get outdoors during the first most important years of their lives.


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