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By katie button, Wednesday Sep 25, 2019

Bristol Best Tuition and the University of Bristol have collaborated for a third year, encouraging mature learners and people from minority group to get back into education.

Khalif Noor, who also works as achievement manager at Hannah More Primary School, set up Bristol Best Tuition in 2013 after deciding to further children’s education in Easton. The non-profit organisation helps children reach their full potential in numeracy and literacy skills.

The university’s home recruitment team has been working with Khalif for several years to engage potential students, primarily in the Somali community.

Khalif Noor is working with the Somali community to help them get into education

In 2016, Khalif had the idea to expand Bristol Best Tuition, supporting adults who were interested in pursuing higher education, but didn’t have the means or confidence to do so, often due to language barriers of lack of UK qualifications.

Wanting to bring taster sessions to the community, Khalif approached the University of Bristol. Taster courses for Building Academic Language and Literature are now held regularly, with more planned for the new year.

The taster sessions are designed to encourage mature or low-confidence students to apply for the university’s Foundation in Arts and Social Sciences course.

After the course, students can progress to a degree in the faculty of the arts or in the faculty of social sciences at the University of Bristol. Alternatively, they can finish their study with a Certificate of Higher Education.

The scheme allows people to achieve a degree without A-Level qualifications, meaning almost anyone can sign up for the taster sessions and foundation course.

The Univeristy of Bristol and Bristol Best Tuition are working together

“It’s amazing how people have already responded,” says Khalif. “People speak to me in the streets and always express their excitement for the courses. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get back into education.”

The highly inclusive scheme is now entering its third and most popular year and encourages people in the Bristol community to expand their education with the help of Bristol Best Tuition.

For more information about taster sessions and the foundation courses, email mature-students@bristol.ac.uk 

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