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Event will encourage fashion-lovers to go sustainable in 2020

By emma gorton ellicott, Tuesday Nov 19, 2019

Uniting local and sustainable fashion brands, Bristol 24/7 have teamed up with vintage fashion store Beyond Retro in support of spreading awareness of sustainable and slow fashion.

Beyond Retro, who have a shop in Broadmead, are bringing slow, vintage fashion to the high street with an aim to encourage more people to make a change to the way they shop.

The Future of Fashion event will take place on Wednesday, December 11 at the Beyond Retro shop and offers Bristol’s fashionistas and high street fashion lovers alike a chance to meet local independent designers and sustainability promoters.

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Beyond Retro bring slow fashion to Broadmead with the Future of Fashion event

The main aim is to create a fun and friendly environment to help consumers become more aware of what is happening in the fashion world and to positively encourage them to seek out alternative options, that are right on their doorstep.

“At Beyond Retro, sustainable fashion is the core of our business, so we’re always keen to encourage and inspire more conversation about sustainability,” says Beyond Retro’s Neda Hashemi. “It’s been amazing being in a community like Bristol that is so engaged in sustainability, we really wanted to bring the different voices together for the event.”


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A panel of local fashion designers, makers and sustainable promoters will be sharing their experiences and advice on the night, which will be attended by Bristol24/7 Fashion Editor Emma Gorton-Ellicott.

Also on the panel are Joh Rindom from independent streetwear brand That Thing  alongside Sophie Filomena, a local artist and maker from the #actlocalxmas campaign, Amelia Twine from the sustainable fashion platform Give Wear Love and upcycling fashion designer Emma White from Duvet Days.

There will also be industry introductions to local designers and brands including Cat Jameson from Carny Valley Capes, with an opportunity for everyone attending to chat to the experts.

Bold and bright retro sportwear items add a pop of colour to vintage as an alternative to fast fashion

Everyone needs to make a change shopping habits, and meeting local independent designers and slow fashion supporters at events like these is an inspiring introduction to how we can change for the better.

Bristol24/7 wants to promote creativity while highlighting the ways independents are supporting sustainability, from making small fashion runs and unique one-off items to using sustainable materials in their designs.

By moving away from fast fashion and supporting local independent designers, vintage and charity shops you are circulating the money in your local economy rather than lining the pockets of big corporates.

“With sustainability being debated and discussed more and more, it’s inspiring more people to become more conscious all the time,” says Neda. “But it can be overwhelming, and we believe there are many creative opportunities for brands and customers to look at ways of being more conscious in the world of fashion.”

Sustainability is inspiring more people to become more conscious of what is happening in the fashion world

The vintage shops like Beyond Retro are also a great way to encourage people to buy pre-loved garms, many of them are also producing upcycled clothing ranges, adding a unique twist to their vintage collections. Beyond Retro have hit the nail on the head by putting their Bristol shop on the high street, offering consumers an insight into slow fashion.

“The exciting thing about Bristol is that not only are a lot of people engaged in the conversation about sustainability already, but there is an amazing vintage scene, ensuring second-hand clothing is getting into more people’s wardrobes,” says Neda.

“There are so many independent brands doing things in a more sustainable, slow way, giving the people of Bristol so much choice. The more people we can encourage to have fun with their fashion whilst supporting sustainability, the better, and if the city is already so engaged, then we have a real chance to make an impact.”

Upcycled vintage garms add a unique twist to pre-loved fashions

“Bristol’s independent scene covers more than just fashion,” says Neda. “It’s a city that feels so supportive of its local creative scene, giving it a really special identity. The key to progress is getting more people involved and engaged in the conversation on the journey to a more circular economy and that’s what we hope to do.

“All money raised from the ticket sales will be donated to Caring in Bristol’s Caring at Christmas campaign, and we would love people to come along, to donate and support the fantastic work they do with the homeless community in Bristol”.

The Future of Fashion event takes place Beyond Retro, 20 Broadmead, BS1 3HA on Wednesday, December 11 from 7pm-9pm and all money raised from the ticket sales will be donated to Caring in Bristol’s Caring at Christmas campaign.

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