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Street Style: The Bearpit

By roxana lazar, Friday Jul 7, 2017


Age: 37
Home: Van
Occupation: Gardener
What are you wearing? Nikes, and mostly just recycled clothes given to me or from charity shops
Best thing about Bristol: The community
Worst thing about Bristol: Gentrification


Age: 29
Home: Fishponds
Occupation: Healthcare assistant
What are you wearing? I’m not very sure, mostly high street fashion!
Best thing about Bristol: People
Worst thing about Bristol: People


Age: 36
Home: Easton
Occupation: I don’t work
What are you wearing? Slazenger trackies, and the rest are vintage clothes
Best thing about Bristol: Pretty women
Worst thing about Bristol: The men


Age: 32
Home: City centre
Occupation: Mortgage advisor
What are your wearing? White Nike trainers, and my suit
Best thing about Bristol: Amenities
Worst thing about Bristol: Parking


Age: 21
Home: Bishopston
Occupation: Filmmaker
What are you wearing?  Doc Martens and my favourite jumpsuit
Best thing about Bristol: A lot happening, many fun projects
Worst thing about Bristol: I’m not sure, I just recently moved here


Age: 60
Home: St Paul’s
Occupation: Support worker
What are you wearing? Let’s see, Slazenger trousers, Karrimor shoes, and don’t know where I got this top from!
Best thing about Bristol: Community
Worst thing about Bristol: Air pollution


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