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Street Style: April 2017

By emma gorton ellicott, Wednesday Apr 12, 2017

Dan Robinson

Age: 23

Occupation: I work for Wired Media

What are you wearing?

It’s a chilled Thursday vibe! A warm and practical outfit. The cardigan is from Zara, my plain white tee is from Asos – it’s actually an oversized long tee but I’ve tucked it in today – plus I’m wearing my dad’s vintage belt, ripped jeans from Zara and Topshop shoes.

Best thing about Bristol? The people.

Worst? The traffic.


Ashley Stockton

Age: 48

Occupation: I work in Swansea but we have an office in Bristol

What are you wearing?

All of it, apart from the boots, comes from TK Maxx! And I’ve had my beard for a couple of years.

Best thing about Bristol? St Nick’s market for food

Worst? The traffic trying to get out of Bristol and back over the Severn Bridge!


Rhea Burns

Age: 30

Occupation: Knitwear designer

What are you wearing?

I made this jumper myself – it’s one of the first machine knitted things I made, and I like that it’s fitted. My mother-in-law bought me this skirt – she’s good at buying me stuff! I’ve got DC boots, and my glasses are from Glasses Direct – the frame is called Disco.

Best thing about Bristol? The creative scene is amazing.

Worst? It’s definitely more expensive than Leeds!


Samson Chan

Age: 25

Occupation? I work at Garment Quarter

What are you wearing?

My hat is from La Ross, cardigan by Comme Des Garcons, shirt and trousers are Vivienne Westwood, and my shoes are by Versace Collection. It’s all from Garment Quarter.

Best thing about Bristol? Everything is quite balanced – there aren’t too many people, and it’s a great places to live.

Worst? The public transport could be better.


Elisha Jenkins

Age: 24

Occupation: I work at Monki and I’ve just started a fashion blog called Elliwgar

What are you wearing?  

My jacket is from a charity shop – I like to mix my vintage with my high street stuff. I’m wearing Doc Martens, and my trousers are from Monki.

Best thing about Bristol? The art and culture, and also the nightlife.

Worst? The house prices.


Dante Veccio 

Age: 18

Occupation: I’m a hairdresser at Shambarber on Stokes Croft

What are you wearing?

I’ve just done a white wash, so I was thinking I could match up my top with my socks! My top is from Stussy, and my jeans? I dunno, maybe H&M.

Best thing about Bristol? Everything, I’ve lived here all my life, it’s my home.

Worst? Going out and seeing the same faces all the time when I’m out and about.


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