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Your chance to be among first for 100 years to sleep on board SS Great Britain

By martin booth, Tuesday Jun 4, 2019

Children can set up camp in the SS Great Britain’s first class dining saloon as Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s world famous ship hosts its first sleepovers in a century.

Sleepy Ship allows children aged between seven and 11 (and their adults) the chance to stay on board the SS Great Britain, and enjoy an array of after-hours activities before a mug of hot chocolate and bed.

As part of the crew preparing for a 70-day voyage to Australia, guests will be treated to a tour led by the captain with a few challenges along the way.

Children learn how to use their sextants that they made as part of Sleepy Ship on the SS Great Britain

During the evening, the young crew will also take part in an interactive planetarium experience before star-spotting on the weather deck.

After bedding down for the night, breakfast will be served the following morning before stepping back into the present day.

The next Sleepy Ship evenings take place on 16, 21 and 28. Tickets cost £60 per person. For more information and to book tickets, visit

Exploring below decks as part of Sleepy Ship

All photos by Adam Gasson

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