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Grisly cuts and gruesome scars on the SS Great Britain

By martin booth, Saturday Nov 2, 2019

If you feel squeamish, look away now: as part of the current half-term activities on board the SS Great Britain, visitors to the ship can disembark with some horrific injuries.

Scars, burns and cuts are all created by specialist makeup design students from SGS College in Filton.

On a recent afternoon,a bit of silicon and sculpt gel saw eight-year-old Mersina and four-year-old Lois given wounds that should have seen them go straight to the Children’s Hospital.

Their makeup artist was SGS College third year student Ash Groom from Kingswood, who proved an expert with a spatula and a steady hand.

With an ambition to work in film and television, Ash signed up to the course run in conjunction with the University of Gloucestershire.

Both Mersina and Lois asked her to embed a shard of glass in their bloody cheeks and she happily obliged.

“I love the challenge of this,” Ash said. “Making something look as realistic as possible. I find it really fun.

“Although it’s based on realism, I can still be really creative which I really like.”

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