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Three Bristol women have work recognised by cycling charity

By will charley, Thursday Jul 25, 2019

Dr Alison Tavare, Jacqui Wilcox and Eleanor Jaskowska, all from Bristol, have been recognised for their work to get more women cycling.

The charity Cycling UK is holding a Women’s Festival of Cycling in July 2019. The women have been recognised as part of the festival’s ‘100 Women in Cycling 2019’ list, part of the charity’s wider ambition to get more women cycling as, according to the charity, only one million women regularly use bikes.

Dr Alison Tavare, a GP and the primary care clinical lead for the West of England Health Sciences Network, has been awarded for establishing a women’s cycling group in Bristol, despite being left with a damaged spine after an illness.

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Finding it difficult to walk due to the effects of sepsis on her body, Alison discovered that she still had power in her legs when cycling short distances.

Through training, she worked up to cycling 30 to 40 miles per ride. Having initially asked a few friends if they would like to cycle with her around Bristol, the group now has more than 25 members.

Ever ambitious, Alison has set herself the goal of cycling 2,500 miles each year.

Alison (centre) is a a GP and the primary care clinical lead for the West of England Health Sciences Network as well as being an avid cycler

Jacqui Wilcox is the cycle training manager at Life Cycle UK and has been honoured for work at the Bristol charity.

Life Cycle UK gives practical advice on safe cycling and offers free bike repairs, as well as affordable refurbished bikes for those who wish to take up cycling, but can’t to afford to.

The charity also gives specialist advice to those with disabilities, those struggling with mental illness, offenders and disadvantaged young people.

Jacqui Wilcox was one of three Bristol women honoured

Eleanor Jaskowska is an ultra-distance cyclist and audaxe competitor, in which riders complete long distances within a certain time.

She has been rewarded for inspiring women with her impressive achievements, including being one of only four women to have completed the 1000km Mille Cymru.

Cycling UK presented the awards to the women at a Parliamentary reception in Westminster in July 2019. Beforehand, over 150 participants took part in a ride to the House of Commons.

To find out more about Cycling UK or their ongoing Women’s Festival of Cycling, visit their website at

Main photo by Andy Catlin

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