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21 of Bristol’s best market stalls & street food

By martin booth, Tuesday Jul 9, 2019

Scarcely a day goes by in Bristol when you can’t find a market taking place, from the Vegan & Wellbeing Market on Corn Street on Mondays to the ever-popular Tobacco Factory Sunday Market.

Here are Bristol’s best street food vendors and market stalls, as chosen by our EatDrink24/7 2019 panelists:

Ahh Toots
St Nick’s Market

“If you want cake, go to Ahh Toots in St Nick’s. Huge selection, incredible stuff. Lots of vegan and GF options too.”
Elly Curshen, food writer

Ah-Ma’s Dumplings
Markets: Finzels Reach, Temple Quay, Tobacco Factory

“Handmade dim sum, dumplings, soups, salad and bao buns. Fresh, light and delicious.”
Shona Graham, Emmeline

Alp Mac
Markets: Finzels Reach, Harbourside

“The ultimate delicious mac & cheese, made with local and organic ingredients.”
Fency Feng, Ka:Fei

Big Juice Bar
St Nick’s Market

“If you can’t pick, they’ll even make a bespoke one up for you based on what you want or need it for. I often get one before going to the gym.”
Coco Barone, 1766 Bar & Kitchen

Brother Thai
Markets: Harbourside

“Some of the best food you’ll find that’s being cooked kerbside in Bristol.”
James Coomber, Harbourside Market

Dawson’s Bakery
Markets: Harbourside, Finzels Reach, Tobacco Factory

“Nothing can beat a sausage roll from Simon. And his custard tarts… wow!”
Fency Feng, KaFei

Elm Tree Farm
Markets: Corn Street

“My favourite stall with an ever changing array of great quality produce. For my money, Elm Tree Farm have the best vegetables in Bristol and are such a nice bunch of people.”
Sam Leach, Wildings Cider

Farro Bakery
Markets: Tobacco Factory, Whiteladies Road (and now also with a permanent home in St Paul’s)

“Bristol’s best bread, and best pastries, I’d say.  We are very fortunate to have fantastic bakeries more or less all across the city, but Farro edges it for me. Their bread is everything I want bread to be: well baked and crusty, with a tender crumb and packed with flavour; the pastries are basically butter and space dust, just amazing.”
Sam Leach, Wildings Cider

For Mice & Men
Markets: Temple Quay, Finzels Reach, Harbourside, Tobacco Factory

“The ultimate cheese toastie with great specials. They actually call their toasties ‘grilled cheese’, but Tim is American so we’ll allow it.”
Hannah Wylie, Wylie Sisters

Four & Twenty Baking Co.
Markets: Temple Quay

“Their desserts are out of this world; from brownies to cream pies you will think you’ve gone to heaven!”
Tippy Pugh, Niang’s Thai Snacks

From Peru to You
Markets: Wine Street

“All dishes are beautifully made, definitely putting Peruvian food on the map!”
Tippy Pugh, Niang’s Thai Snacks

Good Food & Co.
Markets: Harbourside

“Carefully packing big indulgent flavours with healthy, gluten-free dishes, Lance has cornered the feel-good street food lunch market and has the queues to prove it. The jerk goat is a particular triumph.”
James Coomber, Harbourside Market

Little Hollows
Markets: Harbourside, Tobacco Factory

“Definitely one to check out this year and don’t miss out on the delicious nutty homemade pesto.”
Harry Calvert, Gingerbeards Preserves

Los Hermanos
Markets: Temple Quay, Harbourside

“On a mission to make mouths water. Think cured pork belly with chorizo butter, or chicken with chicken skin mayo, or confit potatoes with three cheese and smoked scotch bonnet sauce.”
James Coomber, Harbourside Market

St Nick’s Market

“The best food stall at St Nick’s Market. Everything is cooked to order so it’s super fresh. They’ll even roll your bread there in front of you.”
Josh Eggleton, Pony & Trap

Momo Bar
Markets: Harbourside

“Ugyen’s momos are a labour of love, inspiring total devotion in his daily queue of followers. Each parcel is packed with layers of flavour and they’re always excellent.”
James Coomber, Harbourside Market

Murray May’s
Markets: Finzels Reach, Harbourside, Finzels Reach

“For a kebab you definitely won’t forget, Murray May’s is the one.”
James Coomber, Harbourside Market

Markets: Harbourside, Finzels Reach

“Beautiful fresh paella, served with a smile.”
Tippy Pugh, Niang’s Thai Snacks

Rolling Italy
Woodland Road, Kingsdown, BS8 1UH / Markets: Tobacco Factory

“We usually have our weekend coffee fix from James. You will get a swan on your coffee when you order a flat white no matter how busy he gets.”
Fency Feng, KaFei

Markets: Harbourside

“Tsukemono are the masters of Japanese soul food. Inventive menus, ethical sourcing and always delicious.”
James Coomber, director of the Harbourside Market

Wood Chop Pizza
Markets: Finzels Reach, Harbourside

“The best sourdough pizzas I have ever had, with a wallet-friendly price as well.”
Fency Feng, KaFei

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