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Deals of The Week, November 7-13

By stefan wriggle, Monday Nov 7, 2016



Rebel Roll – Portobello Mushroom Brioche & Tea or Coffee


Usually: £8


On Wriggle: £5.50


What? Truly a breakfast of champions. A whopping great Portobello Mushroom Brioche, boasting halloumi, rosti, spinach & egg on a tomato brioche. Washed down with a cup of tea or coffee of your choosing.


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Kansai Kitchen – Any Okonomiyaki with Renkon Crisps


Usually: £9.50


On Wriggle: £6.95


What? Oko-what? Okonomiyaki, in the world of Japanese street food is an absolute must-try. A batter is made with flavourful stock, yam, flour and egg. Shredded cabbage, spring onion and little bits of crunchy tempura batter are added and a pancake is formed. Once on the griddle it is topped with bacon or egg, flipped and cooked until crisp on the outside, yielding and sweet in the centre. Then it is glazed with Okonomiyaki sauce: rich, sweet and lip-lickingly delicious.


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Bambalan – Bambalan Beef & Chorizo Burger + Seasoned Fries 

Usually: £12


On Wriggle: £6


What? Bambalan beef and chorizo burger with smoked Applewood cheddar, tomato chutney, pickled gherkin in a challah bun and a portion of house seasoned fries.

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Hope & Anchor – Hearty Soup & Sandwich


Usually: £7.45


On Wriggle: £4


What? Homemade soup of the day with either B.L.T or Cheddar, Pickle and Spring Onion Sandwich on Granary or White Bloomer.


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Chai Shai – Any Main & Rice/Naan & Popadom & Chutney (Takeaway Only)


Usually: £13


On Wriggle: £9


What? Choose from an array of main courses – ranging from Aloo Gosht to Fish Khata, nine??? choices in total – and pad it out with a portion of rice or a naan bread, complete with a Popadom and selection of chutneys to start. The best Indian takeaway you’ll find in Bristol.


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To The Moon – 2 x Bloody Mary


Usually: £13


On Wriggle: £7


What? If a decadent twist to your weekend is in order, then To The Moon’s Bloody Marys are a perfect Saturday soupçon. Start with a healthy splash of the good stuff (we’re talking Double Vodka and Port), add lashings of Tomato Juice and a sharp squeeze of lemon and finish with the right sort of piquant & tang: Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauce and a pinch or two of seasoning. Serve over a bed of ice, add a mate and chuck some decent chin wagging into the mix and we reckon your afternoon is sorted.


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Moor Beer Company – Sunday Session : Brewery Tour & Tutored Beer Tasting


Usually: £20


On Wriggle: £10


What? If you’re interested in brewing – or simply great beer – then Moor is the place to start. Led by one of their brewers, this Sunday tour will take you through the whole brewing process and introduce you to the kit required for the job. This 40 minute tour will lead to a well deserved tutored tasting of 4 key beers from the brewery, which will cover the processes behind each type and the flavours involved. You’re also invited to stay for a few more drinks in the tap room or garden to continue sampling the range. Good clean fun.

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