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Michelin star restaurant to permanently close

By kofo ajala, Tuesday Jul 21, 2020

After eight years of building a legacy of excellent food and dining, a much-loved Michelin star restaurant in Redland will be permanently shutting its doors.

Wilks quickly made a name for itself as a place for great food and hospitality, being awarded a Michelin star in 2013 and  recognised as one of Hardens’ top 100 UK restaurants in 2017 and one of the top 50 best restaurants in the UK for 2020.

With the coronavirus pandemic brought many industries to a halt in March 2020, owners James and Christine Wilkins decided that they would not reopen the restaurant.

In a statement made on the Wilks website explaining their decision and describing running the restaurant as an “absolute joy”

James and Christine put down the restaurant’s success to the “amazing people” they have met and worked with, “kindest and most supportive guests we have ever had the chance to work with”.

“We have worked closely with passionate producers & suppliers who have provided us with tremendous quality produce,” the pair added.

“We have recruited over the years very talented & dedicated young professionals. They have helped us to make wilks everything it was. Many guests, suppliers & members of the team have become friends & we thank all of you who have been part of this experience. We will miss you!”

Chandos Road is well known for its independent restaurants. Photo: Martin Booth

In the statement, the couple say that the restaurant is currently on the market, adding that Chandos Road as one of the best places in Bristol to experience qualityfood, and that they hope it will “always remain this way”.

“Thank you for all your very kind messages & letters of support we have received the past weeks,” say James and Christine. “It means the world to us.”

Main photo: Wilks

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