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Pub of the Week: Lebeqs Tavern

By lowie trevena, Friday Dec 13, 2019

It’s a dreary and dark Thursday night. The rain pours on the smokers stood outside the Lebeqs Tavern as they watch the cars creep along Stapleton Road at rush hour.

Pushing open the faded green door and heading inside, move around the drinker with a sloshing pint stood in the entranceway to find a small haven from the outside world.


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It’s a simple pub, with tinsel hanging from the ceiling, arcade machines lighting the space and football scarves pinned behind the bar.

In fact, football is a large part of the pub’s identity. The Lebeqs Tavern is officially the best pub football team in Bristol, with Lebeq FC playing in the First Division of the Toolstation Western League, against the likes of Longwell Green Sports, Wells City and Corsham Town.

Off the pitch and inside the pub, Dreadlock Holiday by 10CC plays at a deafening volume over the loudspeakers and a small group of men stood around the bar sing. The lady behind the counter pours drink while busting out dance moves that would put professional dancers to shame.

Although loud and somewhat intimidating, everyone inside is full of smiles and a sense of cheer.

On a damp and cold December night, the Lebeqs Tavern offers a smile and party, with a side of quality football at the weekends.

Lebeqs Tavern, 199 Stapleton Rd, Easton, BS5 0PA, 0117 951 0556

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