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Get ready for fresh tortillas made in Bristol

By bristol247, Wednesday Dec 20, 2017

The South West’s first tortilleria is set to open in Bristol next year to cater for the city’s growing taste for Mexican food.

The likes of Cargo Cantina in Wapping Wharf, The Plumed Serpent at Small Bar and Bearritos in the Bearpit are just three examples of where to get tacos, tortillas and more in Bristol.

A selection of tacos at Cargo Cantina

Now the team behind The Little Taquero, who have been making their tortillas by hand since launching in 2015, will be scaling up production thanks to an industrial size tortilla machine currently on its way across the Atlantic from Mexico.

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The tortilla is the cornerstone of Mexican cooking used for everything from tacos to tortilla chips, with the best made from corn and naturally gluten free.

“In Mexico, there’s a tortilleria in every town and city offering fresh, soft corn tortillas, just like bakers do with bread here,” says Little Taquero co-owner Chris Hall.

“In the UK we’re not so lucky. The quality and availability of corn tortillas isn’t great so we decided to make them ourselves and have been ever since.

“With this new machine we’ll be able to improve the consistency of our tortillas and increase our event numbers, as well as provide fresh, soft gluten-free tortillas for anyone who wants them.”

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