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Breaking Bread to come to an end

By lowie trevena, Thursday Oct 22, 2020

Breaking Bread, the collection of dining experiences on the Downs, has announced it will come to an end in November.

The joint effort between the Pipe & Slippers, The Love Inn, the Pony & Trap, Pasta Ripiena, Pasta Loco will hold their last service on Sunday, November 8, as the weather turns colder.

“It’s fair to say that 2020 has been somewhat of a roller coaster for all of us, one that we hope never to have to ride again in this lifetime,” say the Breaking Bread team.

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“Hopefully we have managed to give all of you who have been up to visit us over the last three months a positive and happy experience that has felt like something approaching ‘normality’.”

The Breaking Bread venture, which opened in August 2020, saw the five food and drinks businesses come together to bring a pub and dining experiences to the green space in north Bristol.

Breaking Bread will close for the year next month

“Breaking Bread has been one of the few positives for our event teams and organisations this year thanks to the amazing support that Bristol has shown us – it has really given us a huge amount of optimism for the future,” the team add.

“Your support has directly employed over 100 people across the project, as well as hundreds more across our supply chains and producers. It really has been a lifeline for many of us.”

The venture began as the food and drink businesses faced an incredibly difficult future post-lockdown.

The closure of Breaking Bread will allow for the individual businesses to focus on reopening their permanent site.

The decision to end Breaking Bread is because of the colder weather, risk of a second Covid-19 wave and the risk this poses to staff.

The venture has been hugely successful

The team are planning to return in 2021 with a new iteration of the venture. The final reservations will open on Friday, October 23 at 9am.

“We hope very much to build upon the offering from this year and the fantastic experience we have had,” they say. “Until then, thank you once again for all your support and positivity over this crazy year.”

All photos: Martin Booth

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