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Your Bristol Favourites: Sandwiches

By bristol247, Tuesday Oct 3, 2017

Hart’s Bakery

35 Lower Approach Road, BS1 6QS
“Toasted. No argument. Cheesy, mustardy, onion filling is great & they feel like a proper posh treat when I’m heading off on a train somewhere.” – Bethan Grant

No. 25A Old Market

25a Old Market Street, BS2 0HB
“The ox cheek toastie is quite the food experience. The owner smokes the meat in his back garden with his Big Poppa!” – ConnectedWorks‏ ‪via ‪Twitter


65 Whiteladies Rd, Bristol BS8 2LY
“Best sandwich has to be ham & garlic mayo on sourdough from Bakesmiths.” – Janine Woodcock

Mark’s Bread

291 North Street, Bristol, BS3 1JU
“Bread that’s softer than a pillow.” – Tim Popple

Pinkmans Bakery

85 Park Street, BS1 5PJ
“Love these beauties from Pinkmans (3 for £5, currently half eaten).” – Shonette Laffy

Sandwich Sandwich

48 Baldwin Street, BS1 1QQ
1 Temple Way, BS2 0BY
100 Queens Road, BS8 1NF
19 Cotham Road South, BS6 5TZ
“Sooooo much delicious filling, especially the Coronation chicken with mint yogurt and chutney……*drools all over desk*” – Hannah Jones

For Mice & Men

Often found at Finzels Reach, Counterslip, BS1 6BX
“Grilled cheese sandwiches are just amazing! And if you want to add anything on top it just gets better!” – The Athenian via Twitter

The Pear Café

Unit 1, The Coach House, 2 Upper York Street, BS2 8QN
“The falafel special at Pear Cafe is my fav sandwich in Bristol!” – Lis Merrett

The Bristol Loaf

213 Church Road, BS5 9HF
“Chunky and delicious toasties.” – Davinia La Piña

West Street Kitchen

55 West Street, BS2 0BZ
“They’ve just started turning out some banging hot sandwiches. Their hot pork roll with crackling is definitely a winner in my book!” – Dan Waller

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