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Migrant chefs to run cookery classes in Easton

By nat schaefer, Monday Nov 25, 2019

Asylum seekers, refugees and migrants are sharing their culinary skills with people across Bristol.

Migrateful, a charity that gets migrant chefs leading cookery classes to help them assimilate into English culutre, will be running classes in Easton from early December.


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The weekly workshops will be run in partnership with Coexist Community Kitchen, an organisation using food to reach out to marginalised groups.

The first class will be on Wednesday, December 4, at Coexist’s space at Mivart Studios. It will be led by Negla, a Sudanese chef who migrated to the UK with her family ten years ago due to civil war in her home country.

The class will be divided into groups, with each group making one or two dishes. Participants will be free to move from one recipe to the next throughout the evening, so that everyone can experience each dish.

Migrateful was founded in London in 2017 by Jess Thompson, who had spent many years working with refugees in Ceuta, Morocco and Dunkirk. The organisation first came to Bristol in September this year, having previously expanded to Kent.

The charity says their classes “provide ideal conditions not just for learning English and building confidence, but also for promoting contact and cultural exchange with the wider community”.

To book for the first Migrateful cookery class, visit www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sudanese-cookery-class-with-negla.

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