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Special shapes at Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2017

By bristol247, Friday Aug 11, 2017

Every year at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta vast crowds assemble at Ashton Court and marvel at the spectacular balloons on display, and this year will be no different.

In recent years we have seen some truly wonderful designs, including a minion, a flower, and a spark plug.

More than 130 balloons will be gracing the skies over Bristol during the 2017 fiesta, and as the list of balloons for this year is confirmed, we take our pick of the most bizarre and brilliant.

A Maxwell House coffee jar

A Longleat Lion

A Ricoh cube

An L.E. lightbulb

Stuart the Minion

Busby, the Queen’s guardsman

A drop of Belvoir

A Stowells wine box

Mr. Peanut


All photos courtesy of either MJ Ballooning, Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, Cameron Balloons Ltd or Bartballoon on Facebook.

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